When Test Series is in Full Gear, "CA" Prefix is very Near!

Author: CA Riddhi Parekh
Published On: 2021-08-30 17:14:04




“What comes to your mind when you think of Test series/Writing Practise?” is my most common question to students.

Reasons that I Genrally get to hear from students are as follows:

  1. If I don't score good in test, it will result in lower confidence level?
  2. Abhi to padhai hi nahi hui hai, test kaise likhenge? (I have not yet completed the syllabus,to write test is a distant dream)
  3. Fear of facing the reality?
  4. Waste of time?
  5. Syllabus is already so vast, Test likhne se to acha hai ki utna extra time padhai pe hi de do.  
  6. Procastination?
  7. I have lost the habit of Writing.
  8. I had planned to write but couldn't manage time?

Well, Through my experience and a survey conducted specially for this blog, I can definitely Say that your reason is one or more amongst the above.

Well, I am here to answer all your Reasons.But Before that, lets discuss some statistics.

What has been the avg passing percentage of ICAI since last 3 attempts?

For Both Groups New Syllabus, average passing percentage is approx 12%. While for Old Syllabus Both Grps, the percentage is approx 6%

Which means, out of every 100 Students, only 12 or 6  students pass out.   

For the Syllabus, as vast as an Ocean,

For the examination, having passing percentage as low as 12 or  6,

For the toughness level, higher than most of the other examinations,

What level of Preparation do you really think is required ??

In this Blog, I will try to answer all your reasons one by one, which will unfold a new angle for your preparations, that you might not have considered earlier.      


1.If I don't score good in test, it will result in lower confidence level.

You are absolutely right. When I was a student, the same thing happened with me as well. I scored less in test series. Consequently, my confidence went down. Ultimately, it resulted in stress & panic just before the exam. But, do you know what mistake did I do?

I wrote test series only when 1 month or less than 1 month time was left for the exam.

Instead, what should have been done is that, I should have started writing tests from the beginning of my Preparations itself. This might sound a little unrealistic to you. But let me justify this.

If you are writing test, near to exams, what purpose do you have in mind? I guess you just want to check where you are standing & you want to find your mistakes.

There are 2 possibilities. Either you will score well or you won’t.

In the First case, there is no problem. Since you have scored well, your preparations are going good & there is nothing to worry.

But if you have not scored well, the test might have revealed many things to you. Like you come to know about your silly mistakes, presentation mistakes, you come to know your weakness in the topics which you thought you were well verse with, you come to know about the things you couldn’t recall etc. etc.

Looking at the mistakes you did in the test, now you need a sizable amount of time to revise the entire syllabus in order to correct your mistakes & overcome your weakness.

However, as a matter of fact, there is no time left now to do an in-depth revision since just few days are left for exams. No wonder it will create stress & panic !!! 

As a CA Student, you all are used to applying logic everywhere.

Isn’t it logical to plan your test in such a way that you get sufficient time even after writing your tests so that the actual Purpose of the test is met?

The Actual Purpose of tests is not only to find your mistakes but also to correct that, so that it can boost your confidence level.

The Later part is mostly missed out by most of the Students, despite this being very very logical. I don’t know why, but students genrally feel that writing test is the last part of their preparation, while the truth is, one more task of correcting your mistakes is left out after writing the tests.

This is usually due to lack of time & lack of time is usually due to lack of proper planning regarding Test Series/Writing Practise. So basically you couldn’t correct your mistakes & boost confidence due to lack of Proper planning.

In a Nutshell, You should have planned your test series earlier so that the actual purpose could be materialised. Earlier you start, better it is.

If you still say, “If I don't score good in test, it will result in lower confidence level”

All I have got to say is that your lower confidence is not because of poor score in test series, rather, it’s because you didn’t plan your test & study strategy in the correct manner.


    2 .Abi to padhai hi puri nahi hui hai, test kaise likhenge?

    (I have not yet completed the syllabus,to write test is a distant dream)


I just suggested you to start your test as early as possible, but whenever I do that, a common reply that I get is “Abi to padhai hi puri nahi hui hai, test kaise likhenge??  This is a very common tendency among students.

Well, as a matter of Fact, know that you need not complete your entire syllabus to Start writing test. I understand that it is not feasible to write full test just in 1 reading of Syllabus. Whenever the tasks seems difficult, break it down into smaller parts.    The British Rule is the proof of how “DIVIDE & RULE” policy has worked wonders since ages. The Britishers used this policy to rule over our country for 150 years. Can’t you people use it to rule over your Syllabus?  

Hence, at FIRST OPINION, we provide Unit wise Test. I myself have strategically divided the entire syllabus into 3 units. You can download the same from: https://firstopinion.in/products/syllabus.php

Each unit consists of almost 33.33% portion of your syllabus. FIRST OPINION is basically a Test Series cum Mentorship Program where I personally Mentor students.

I will have a detailed discussion with you about what is your current level of preparations, how many subjects, time remaining for exam, weaker subjects, stronger subjects etc. Based on the discussion , I will suggest what should be your study plan & strategy, how should you take up your weaker subjects, what should be the Gap between 2 papers for you, by when should you finish your syllabus, guidance required for any particular subject by you etc.

As I already mentioned, Earlier you start writing your test, better it is. The Idea behind Unit test is that, with your First Reading, you should begin unit tests. For eg. If you are studying FR, take up unit 1 of FR, I will give your target days, Finish your unit 1 portion as per the given target, immediately on the next day, write your test for unit 1. Than take up unit 2, again finish as per given target & test it immediately. Similar process for Unit 3. In this way, entire First Reading will be done along with the unit tests, Full Test 1 will be done along with First Revision & Full Test 2 will be done along with Second Revision.

Total 3 readings, all along with the tests. Trust me, through my experience, I can guarantee you that if you follow this pattern, your preparations & efficiency will get improved by 50%.   

Unit tests & Full Tests have got different purpose.

When you write unit tests, your focus should not be on scoring high. Your purpose should be to check whether you are able to recall things, checking your efficiency & find out your mistakes.

When you write full test, at that time you should focus on scoring well. Because by that time, you are quite well prepared after writing so many unit tests.

At FIRST OPINION, when papers are checked, comments are mentioned over there, about where you are going wring, where do you need to improve, what are your repetitive mistakes etc. So after writing unit tests, you know the exact areas where you are lacking & those topics should be the focus areas in your First Revision. Similar Process for Second revision.  

Now you might have understood, why do I say, Earlier you start writing your tests, better it is. You come to know your weakness & mistakes sooner & you have sufficient time to rectify it. If you write your tests only towards the end, you come to know the mistakes, but now its too late. You don’t have enough time to rectify it.  

So Now, whoever says, Couldn’t write test because Syllabus is not completed, Tell them “Dude, You have the option of writing Unit Tests as well.”


3.Fear of Facing the reality?

Mindset plays a big role in overcoming fear.       

What should  be your mindset before writing the tests?

You should have the clarity in your mind before writing the test. Your mindset should be “I have prepared to my level best. Now I will be appearing the tests. After the test, I will make sure to correct all my mistakes that comes to my knowledge through the test.” 

Don’t just over expect from yourself that you won’t do any mistake in the tests. If CA exams were that easy, everyone could has passed out. Its no crime to score low in test, but yes if you don’t allocate time & work out on your mistakes, IT’S A CRIME!

Also, don’t underestimate yourself when you score less. Infact you should be prepared to know your mistakes & work on them so that you don’t repeat it.  It’s very normal not to recall each & everything in the First Reading. We are humans, not machines. Once First Revision is done, you will automatically recall the things.  

Do you know when do we Fear any particular task? We Fear only when we take the results of the task too seriously. In case of Test series, you fear the poor test score. You take it very seriously & get depressed instead of working on it.

Think for yourself :

Are you going to be rewarded if you score good in test series?

Will you get beaten up for low score in test?

Whether your test score will be displayed on the ICAI website?

Will it be directly informed to your family members or friends?

Will you be disallowed to appear in ICAI exam if your score low in test?

Is it like one low score test will decide your future?

If answer to all the above questions is a big “NO”, to Fir Darr Kis Baat Ka Hai  ??? (Why are you worried at all ?)

Try to understand that your good or bad score in the test series is just a part & parcel of your preparation & this solely won’t decide your fate.

Can’t you promise yourself to improve?  Ofcouse you can! You can achieve anything you set your mind to.


4.Waste of time'?

5.Syllabus is already so vast, Test likhne se to acha hai ki utna extra time padhai pe hi de do.'  


Whenever you plan to watch a movie, Don’t you watch the trailer first? Based on the Trailer, you judge whether the movie seems interesting or not.

Well, in this case, Test Series acts as the “Trailer” for your final exams. Believe it or not, it’s an eye opener. You have 2 options.

Option No.1 – You study your entire syllabus till the end, not knowing whether you are preparing well or not.

Option No. 2 – You study your entire/ little less syllabus, But whatever you study, you have the entire analysis with you about how well have you prepared, what are the chances of your silly mistakes & presentation mistakes, which topics you thought were strong enough, but when it came to writing, you bluffed up, topics that are weak & needs more revision etc 

You are Smart enough. I leave upto you ,to decide which option is better.



7.I have lost the habit of Writing


Exam are still conducted offline & your lack of writing habit won’t make it online. So its better to be prepared about what would be useful for exams. If you Procastinate writing practise, know that you, “Becoming a CA” can also be Procastinated! Is it the price worth paying?

I am not saying that you should always join a paid test series. If you are disciplined enough, do writing practise by yourself. You can write Mock Test Papers, RTPs , past exam papers of ICAI. If possible, get your paper evaluated by your friend or some Mentor. I suggest you not to evaluate yourself, as you can’t point out your own mistakes properly.

At FIRST OPINION, we do provide services of checking Mock test papers, RTPs & Past Exam Papers of ICAI. 


8.I had planned to write but couldn't find time?


We always find time for what is important for us. If we say we couldn’t find time, it simply means, that particular task is not on our priority list. I am no one to decide your priorities. I leave it upto you to decide. I know you would do it smartly.


I have been conducting Test Series since last 5 years. I have come across thousands of students. My experience with students, says that there is lack of awareness among Students regarding the correct approach for Preparations, Proper Direction, Planning etc. Most of the students do not fail because they were not capable, they fail because of Lack of proper guidance to them regarding the above mentioned things.

Writing Practise / Test Series is one among such things, which is neglected by the students. When I was a student, no one ever told me how important it is & why it is so Important! But now, I am there for you. Since I am conducting test series myself, I have mentored n number of students & Trust me, Test Series has literally done miracles to them. I have seen numerous ”FAIL” results turning into “PASS” results, because of Test Series, Proper Mentorship & Guidance.

In this Blog, I have made a genuine effort to unfold the importance of writing practise.

For any further discussion, you may contact me (CA Riddhi Parekh) at +919518353043 (Whatsapp/sms)

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