Weak in Theory Subjects ?? Here's the Tip

Author: CA Shivam Garg
Published On: 2021-08-21 20:01:08

Hi Aspirants!!!


Today, I will discuss the topic on which I made my own ideology and find out the ways to deal with it.

The topic is “Theory Subject in CA exam”.


Guys, I’ m the one who love practical subject a lot due to my affection for Mathematics in school times. Gradually I understood that I need to work on the subjects on which I’m weak but in reality I was working on my strong side.

I would like to share my plan to deal with theory subjects.

  1. First break any theory subject in three category.
  1. I keep my day busy with combination of Practical and theory subject. I personally suggest not to follow one day one subject plan. When you study only one subject full day, your mind losses interest after some point of time and you just read the subject and don’t learn anything.
  2. Take theory subject in morning. Your mind is fresh and grasping power is high in morning.


  1. You can follow the below combination for daily routine.


Practical Subjects

Theory Subjects

Your strong chapters

Less weightage topics

Difficult chapters

Topic which are looks attractive to you

Less weightage chapters

Bored topics but important from exam point of view.


  1. I personally not recommend to make notes (it’s my personal view. Many people feels making note is very helpful). Rather than just highlight the important words/ points in the theory topics.


  1. Revision of theory subject should be like


                                                      Specific Tip for Audit and ISCA

All the aspirants have one question in mind. Why they got less marks in Audit. Guys, let me tell you one thing audit is same as like English of our school time. Before exam you don’t know what to revise and in exam hall you don’t know what to write.

One tip for Audit paper is to write the important words in the answers and highlight them by underline. You can’t just write the concept and expect full marks, you should write the answer in 3 parts &   Give Heading for each part:  

  1. 1st part – Analysis & Provisions of the Law.  
  2. 2nd para – Facts of the case.
  3. 3rd para – Conclusion.

In Case Study Questions, follow the above pattern to score well.   


Second question which usually come in mind is how to deal with Old Syllabus - ISCA in CA final. What I suggest, Pick ISCA in morning and don’t try to reach each and every topic (only for ISCA). First get confidence in the important topics of ISCA and once you get confident and you have time then go for less weightage topics.


To Conclude,

The world is going from a very unprecedented time due to Covid 19 and currently the biggest challenge for all CA aspirants is to look their health during exam time. If you not take care of your health then all the hard work goes in vain. It is a healthy practice to maintain covid protocols during exam time even if you have not any symptoms. Take steam daily, it helps against Covid as well as it makes your body relax. All the best for your exams.



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